Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics
主办: 中国航天科工防御技术研究院;中国宇航学会;中国系统工程学会
周期: 双月
语种: 英文;
开本: 16开
ISSN 1004-4132
CN 11-3018/N
邮发代号 82-270
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买球网投:Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics

2019 年06期 目录
克拉克娱乐场开户 WANG Qian;SHANG Feng;DU Liming;ZHOU Wenjia;
Photoelectric detection technology of laser seeker signals ZHU Likun;JIA Fangxiu;JIANG Xiaodong;LI Xinglong;
SAGE-based algorithm for DOA estimation and array calibration in the presence of sensor location errors XIONG Kunlai;LIU Zhangmeng;WANG Pei;
Monocular depth ordering with occlusion edges extraction and local depth inference SONG Guiling;YU Aiwei;KANG Xuejing;MING Anlong;
OFDMA-PON with MQAM downlink for flexible allocation HE Chao;WANG Ruyan;TAN Zefu;TAN Xiang'an;
Near-field 3D imaging approach combining MJSR and FGG-NUFFT WANG Shuzhen;FANG Yang;ZHANG Jin'gang;LUO Mingshi;LI Qing;
Design of high-performance energy integrator detector for wideband radar CHANG Jiayun;FU Xiongjun;JIANG Wen;XIE Min;
Antenna selection in MIMO radar with collocated antennas ZHANG Haowei;XIE Junwei;SHI Junpeng;ZHANG Zhaojian;
Resource allocation optimization of equipment development task based on MOPSO algorithm ZHANG Xilin;TAN Yuejin;YANG Zhiwei;
Chaos-enhanced moth-flame optimization algorithm for global optimization LI Hongwei;LIU Jianyong;CHEN Liang;BAI Jingbo;SUN Yangyang;LU Kai;
A consistency improving method in the analytic hierarchy process based on directed circuit analysis WU Shihui;LIU Xiaodong;LI Zhengxin;ZHOU Yu;
Over-sampling algorithm for imbalanced data classification XU Xiaolong;CHEN Wen;SUN Yanfei;
Optimized interval 2-tuple linguistic aggregation operator based on PGSA and its application in MAGDM ZONG Mengting;SHEN Tian;CHEN Xi;
Priority access for QoS support in distributed wireless networks ZHOU Xin;ZHENG Changwen;
Anti-windup compensation design for a class of distributed time-delayed cellular neural networks HE Hanlin;ZHA Miao;BIAN Shaofeng;
Identification algorithm of switched systems based on generalized auxiliary model WANG Hongwei;XIA Hao;
On the finite horizon Nash equilibrium solution in the differential game approach to formation control JOND Hossein Barghi;NABIYEV Vasif;
Event-triggered robust guaranteed cost control for two-dimensional nonlinear discrete-time systems WANG Sen;BU Xuhui;LIANG Jiaqi;
Location and allocation problem for spare parts depots on integrated logistics support WEN Meilin;LU Bohan;LI Shuyu;KANG Rui;
Clustering-based maintainability demonstration for complex systems with a mixed maintenance time distribution WU Zhenya;HAO Jianping;
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